[ENG] US Fall ride
4 October, 2012

My Friends

ACEMTSG – Anh Chị Em Motor Sài Gòn – Saigon big bike Brothers and Sisters

Established in 2004, based in Hochiminh City, ACE MTSG is known as the oldest Big bike Rider Group in Vietnam which last until now. It is also known as the team with highest “flying hours” among other Vietnamese teams.

In the old days, ACE MTSG united on www.ttvnol.com, then moved to www.acemtsg.com from 28-March-2013.

Facebook of the group: https://www.facebook.com/AceMtsg

Woody’s Wheel Works

(Pix taken at Denver, CO, US – 2015)

Known as the best wheel builder in the world, for the toughest rider, toughest races and rallies.

“At Woody’s Wheel Works, we believe in the art of the wheel. 

As much as a love for wrenching, we are driven by a philosophy that the wheel is nothing less than the most important invention of all time whose utility is seen in all things, big and small. Since the evidence of the first wheel in ancient Mesopotamia it has worked its way into the soul of humanity. With soulcraft we preserve the harmony between man-and-machine, and this awareness inspires the quality and performance that has made Woody’s Wheel Works legendary since 1973.”

Woody’s Wheel Works website: http://www.woodyswheelworks.com

Lyndon Poskitt

(Pix taken during our Cambodia trip – 2014)

England, Mechanical Engineer (Aerospace), but known as a Dakar Rally racer.

“Graduating from university in 2003 I obtained a job as a Mechanical Engineer at BAE Systems working with Military Aircraft and have worked for them ever since. This is pretty much what has supported my racing and motorcycle passion, ‘work hard play hard’ is how it has been. Trials, Enduro, Motocross, Supermoto and Road Racing, I’ve just about tried it all but the one thing that appeals to me most is adventure travel.

Covering long distances over all types of terrain on a multi- purpose motorcycle is really what makes me tick.  Competing in the Baja 1000 in 2007 provided a challenge that I have never managed to beat, hours and hours of gruelling off-road racing through day and night was an amazing experience that I will never forget.  Riding across the Sahara desert from Nouakchott Mauritania to Timbuktu in Mali in 2009 on a KTM950 just reaffirmed my love for the desert and the need for a much bigger challenge.  This is what lead me to my campaign for Dakar 2013 and the time is right so I am determined to make it happen.”

Lyndon’s personal website: http://www.lyndonposkittracing.com

Lyndon’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LyndonPoskittRacing

Lyndon’s recent Round the World trip: http://www.adventure-spec.com/default/blog/category/lyndon-poskitt



Yempaul Antonio

(Pix taken in Malaysia before we rode to Thailand – 2014)

Singaporean, BMW GS over-lander. He did serious motorcycling trips around SE Asia, to Laos, Cam bodia, Thailand, Burma and also Vietnam. He also rode China, some Central Asia countries, i.e. Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, India…

He might be the only one who tried HCM trail in Laos on a BMW R1200GS.

Yempaul’s Blog : http://yempaulantonio.blogspot.com/


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