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10 May, 2014
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Emergency contact list

Yes, you read it right – Emergency contact list – for you and your journey.

Emergency contact list may not be the vital, live or die matter for you when you are in trouble, but it is extremely important for entire of emergency response actions later on.

The further you ride, the more complicated terrain of your trip, the more border gates you pass – then the more important Emergency list will be.

1. What for?

Emergency contact list to be used and helpful when you are involved in a an emergency situation, i.e. a road accident.

So, people at accident site can help you by contacting one of your emergency contact to inform about the incident, getting your information for further medical support, and man more other follow-up actions...

2. Who need this?

From my point of view, every biker needs this, and should have this.

If you are lone rider, you definitely need an Emergency contact list with you. When you ride in group, not many of your riding buddies know how to get to your family or company – Emergency contact will help a lot in this situation.

3. When need this?

Says whenever you go out for a road trip, Emergency contact list should be with you. Think about a multi-day ride, multi-country trip, you with your bike, far away from home…

4. Who should be in the list?

Who do you think the best one for you to list in your Emergency contact list? Wife / husband / parents / best friend / insurance agent / or someone else…? I think there will be no right or wrong in here, no solid criteria for selecting emergency contact, just follow your believe and your pre-arrangement.

Based on real experience with emergency situations, I could give you some advice to build up your Emergency contact list:

  • Someone who has certain understanding about you, your trip, and willing to support you
  • Calm, mature, enough experience to deal with emergency situation
  • Responsive to phone calls (and/or emails)
  • Have connections with your family

Sometimes, it is not a good idea to add your wife, your girlfriend or your mom in the Emergency contact list. It is just because of nature emotion of ladies, in some cases, they easily got confused when knowing their beloved get hurt.

5. What will be on the list

Your name and/or some very brief info about you, your trip.

Normally the mobile phone number is best to get to your contact person at soonest. Home phone or office phone, or email address could be the there as well. Of course, you should need the agreement of the one.

Your social page address is also helpful to let strangers to spread the news of the accident to many others who know about you.

If you are going abroad, then you should find someone who can communicate with the local language, or at least some common language in the region, i.e. English, Spanish, etc… You can put the flag beside your contact to indicate the language that one can speak.

Some special note/requirement about yourself, if any, i.e. heart disease, special blood type, etc…

6. Where to place it?

Somewhere easy to see/locate/find by personnel at site. Example on your tank bag, your chest pocket, your arm pocket, etc…

Hope those information help you to be well prepared for your trip.

Ride safe!


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