Ride-SmarteR: The Ultimate Apps for your garage and your bikes

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Ride-SmarteR: The Ultimate Apps for your garage and your bikes


Hi Bikers!

I was playing around with motorcycles for a while, and all my maint, mod information of all my bike I record in an Excel file.
The file is very informative, become bigger and bigger…
But then I found it is very inconvenience to keep doing so. Especially in this smartphone and social interactive age. :smashpc:

So that I made an application which records all my Maint and Mods. And soon I realized everyone should be able to enjoy it as well.
That’s why the Ride-SmarteR application is now published. [b]By-Biker-for-Bikers Apps.

Main idea of the application is to manage everything related to your motorcycle and your riding.

Now we have this apps available as WEB APPS – so any smartphone, tablet, computer all can access.
There are some main features of the apps as below:


In MY GARAGE menu, you can add all your bikes in your garage to the apps, it will store all information related to each respective bike of yours (number plate, purchase date, price, etc…).
Open the Apps anytime, anywhere, you can feel somehow you are sitting in your garage. LOL 😀


When you click on any bike of yours (RIDE IT), it will come to the Modification and Maintenance stuff of that bike.
With MODIFICATION, you will be able to add your Farkles with all necessary information: ODO at the time you install, name, brand, cost, etc…
And with only one click, you can see all the farkles you added to your bike. Unlike before, when someone asked, you need a while to remember, or pull your spreadsheet on….
And interestingly, all the Mod will come with its photo.


Pretty the same as Modification. You can add all kind of your bike Maintenance into the system for recording, tracking and especially reminder.
If you have your mechanic shop to do your bike Maintenance, this is very useful. Show the Maint page of this Apps to the shop, and tell them when was the last Maint, what have been done, and even show them the cost.
If you do your bike maintenance by your own, this apps even MUCH MUCH MORE USEFUL. This keep track of all your maint things, and you can use it as a Maintenance Plan, to set the Maint date in future, then the Apps will remind you when the time comes. You will never forget.

Before a riding trip, make for you a cup of coffee, sit down and review the Maintenance record on the apps – this will make you much much more confidence with the bike. And with all items are “green-checked“, your bike is ready for the trip !!! :ride:
For both MOD and MAINT features, you can combine to create your own PROJECT. Like a winter project, just put everything in your head into the Apps, come to the shop to buy all the things you already listed there, you can not miss even one of them.


This feature allows you to export all data of your bike into a JPG or CSV file. You can even hide/show any items which you like to before click “EXPORT”.
Think about when you want to share your bike info with your friends, just one click.
And especially think about selling a bike. How many of you have been struggling remember and list all the things for a sale post? Sure it takes time to recall everything, and chances for missing some items are very high. This Apps will do it for you without a mistake. Just one click and then your sale post will be furnished with all necessary information.


This Apps also provide the Road tax and Insurance reminder – you will surely no need Cops to tell you about your insurance expired at the middle of your trip :naughty:
We are developing more and more features right now. Will have something like adding Engine running hours instead of ODO, fuel tracking, trip recording, etc…
And there will be an interactive environment to be provided. Sharing will be so much easier.

Give it a try, just a tiny little Apps, but very useful, very practical.

Homepage of the Application: http://ride-smarter.com/
Facebook page of the Application: https://www.facebook.com/ridesmarter/
Direct address to access the Apps: http://ride-smarter.com/apps/
Or you can browse to the Apps Homepage, then Click on the below icon to download and install to your Android equipment from Google Play Store:

Or click on this icon to access the Web App from your Web browser:

Give it a try and feel free to question me, here or any address given on CONTACT page of the Application.

Have fun, Bikers!


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