Weekend Swamp warriors
24 September, 2017
Waterproofing the auxiliary LED lights
25 October, 2017

SANDuro, again :)

Despite not good news of the weather during weekend, we still headed to the desert with the strong believe that it will be a brighter day for us to ride…

Still raining when we woke up:



Preparation at garage:



Warming up 🙂 :




This CRF first time hitting the sand dunes:



This 14 years old boy on the Beta 500 for the ride:


Rain stopped when we hit the road – Amazingly!








Gathered on the edge of the sand wall:




Descending the sand wall:




















Man down:




Got a short rest:














It was a very stiff hill:







Interesting stream from the sand dunes:








Time to take a rest and listen to rhythm of the ocean:




Back on sand:





Playing with the sand tube:







Someone was still loving the deep sand:












Sand tube, looking from above:




Lunch time:




Some more ride after lunch before heading back home:





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