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25 October, 2017
2017 Year end dirtbike day trip
1 January, 2018

3 Nations ride - North Thailand


A ride from Saigon – Vietnam, thru Cambodia to the mountainous areas in Northern of Thailand. Awesome ride with great buddies from Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.

Day 1

Early departure from Saigon, as usual, heading to the familiar border gate with Cambodia.


Sitting here as a watchdog to protect all the ladies while everyone else having their fun time chatting 🙂

Custom clearance at Cambodia side:


All immigration and custom clearance done quite quickly, crossed into Cambodia:










Reaching the Neak Leung bridge, which replaced Neak Leung ferry for few years now.




Can stop looking at nice cars whenever riding in Cambodia:



Met up with Cambodian bikers, they will escort us during Cambodia ride and along with us for the Thailand ride as well.



They all have nice looking bikes:



They led us to a back road to avoid traffic in Phnom Penh:




This back road is great to me, and it will be the memory of lifetime of someone in group 🙂



A pix to tell how interesting the road was 🙂







Lunch place for the first day ride:



Back on road after lunch and a bit long rest:



The road to Cam – Thai border was great, promising a nice trip ahead:












Sun was going down, quite fast…




From this turn, not to far to the border:



All paperworks have been done quite well, we soon checked in Thailand:



There were about 10 bikers Thailand came to border to receive us. They then led us to a dinner place about 10km from the border. Then shot another 150km to the hotel in Chanthaburi.

Nothing much for the day, just a little dust from my underwear 🙂 , carried from Cambodia, I guess 🙂



Nice chit-chat location that night:



7xx km for the first day, crossed 2 border lines:





Day 3


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