August Sanduro ride
31 August, 2019
Cat Tien - Trieu Hai - Da Huoai midyear dirt trip
27 June, 2020

First Sanduro 2020

Same folks, same place, first ride for the 2020.




Water bladder issue not long after departure:



Chasing a cow:




This used to be a stream, probably it is still when heavy rain:







Legendary water badder issue 😀



The old 450 dude still looking good:










Nice couple 🙂







This flower is very sharp and hard. Specialty of the desert:




Want a nap?

























On the way to a high spot by the seaside:





Full team that day:







































Almost back to the base, I hit the ditch and could not get the bike up. It was really trip highlight – as the engine stator cover was broken:




Towing is always fun 😀






Good friend is always willing to give hand, ahh -leg 😀




Fun trip, with highlighted engine cover problem – great way to start the 2020.


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