25 October, 2017

Waterproofing the auxiliary LED lights

Thanks to the invention of LED driving/auxiliary lights, no doubt about its effectiveness and supports to our rides. But in fact, I have many not good experience with […]
7 August, 2017

GSA Fuel pump flange leakage fix

It sounds impossible to find a perfect bike 🙂 BMW R1200GS Adventure is kinda great bike in overall, but stupid problem could cause you a lot, […]
31 March, 2017

Single chamber fork service - KX125

It’s a short topic about servicing (oil and seals replacement) for single chamber forks, on a KX125. There is another topic about dual-chamber forks service, YZ250, […]
11 February, 2017

BMW R1200GSA Cam chain tensioner replacement

After time, around 40-60k km, both cam chains and cam chain tensioners become old, cam chain will be loose, tensioners will be more stiff, that will […]
17 January, 2017

Fork oil and seals replacement for GSA

Oil leak on my GSA front fork, due to hitting a bloody deep pot hole with hi-speed, however it’s about the time I need to carry […]
15 January, 2017

Ohlin suspension installation on GSA

Part 1 – Rear suspension replacement This rear Ohlin is for Oil cooled GSA, designed and config for a rider who is 70-90kg. And more, this […]