25 February, 2018

Tool kit discussion #2

Follow up with Tool kit discussion #1, this is a very short topic about tweaking the bolt set of your dirtbike. Why? For a medium or […]
11 February, 2017

Toolkit discussion #1

A perfect trip should be a well prepared trip. That’s why you need a tool kit to bring along. It helps you to fix some issues […]
29 December, 2015

Ride-SmarteR: The Ultimate Apps for your garage and your bikes

RIDE-SMARTER.COM Hi Bikers! I was playing around with motorcycles for a while, and all my maint, mod information of all my bike I record in an […]
4 December, 2015

[VIE+ENG] Ride-SmarteR ®: the must-have-tool for biker

Ride-SmarteR ®: công cụ không thể thiếu của mỗi biker. [Scroll down for English]   Nào, đầu tiên có một vài câu hỏi đơn giản về […]