[VIE + ENG] ĐỘ BÁNH TRƯỚC 21″ – Woody 21″ front wheel on BMW 1200GSA
6 Tháng Mười, 2011
[ENG] Weekend ride to Vietnam western
28 Tháng Ba, 2013

[ENG] US Fall ride



It was the day I plan to move away from the Cabin in Robbinsville. I was hopping I can head North to reach Virginia, just pass the state line couple of miles then I can claim that I ‘ve been to one more State. 
Well, If having a local with me, for sure I can make it. However, I chose the safer option which could let me take an easy day and really enjoy the ride.

Here is my tracklog of the day 5:

Last time see this:

Got off the cabin, started the bike, it was quite chilly:

I headed to Dragon from theere. Done the last round of the Dragon.
Nothing else to see and taking photos others than these – RWB VFR at the state line btw NC and TN:

I left the Dragon with the same route #28. But this time, I have chance to take photos with the very beautiful lake, I think it may just around within 10miles from the Dragon:

I headed to Blue Ridge Parkway. Passed Bryson City, I think I went for the wrong way for a while. Then came back to get thru Cherokee one more time. That was the last time I passed those two places.

And after that I again missed the turn from the Hwy 19 to Blue Ridge Parkway. I gotta make another U-turn.
Finally, I got this:

I was so happy when reaching that area. Further more, that day was really beautiful weather.
I don’t know it ‘s allowed or not. But who cares!?

Wow… many and many wow… I was really ecstatic with the beauty of the scenes on Blue Ridge Parkway:

The Blue Ridge Parkway may be familiar with lots of you guys, but for me, it was really awesome. I would never forget my excitement when seeing all those wonderful color.
Words may not be able to express all the beauty of the trees, roads, and mountains there.

I stopped at quite numbers of overlook area. Some places I just pulled off, still sitting on the bike, enjoy the view for some seconds, then kept riding. Some others made me to off the bike, pulled my camera up and shot:

I reached the highest point of the Blue Ridge Parkway:

I was wishing of Wrestler and RollingAgain being there with me:

Left the highest point of the Blue Rigde Parkway, I kept riding toward the Ashville area.
The parkway offered lots of amazing sceneries, all the beautiful looks which I had seen only on screen:

One of the most beautiful look to me:

and this:

There was a tunnel:

I was riding near to Ashville. I sent messages to Wrestler and Earthshake to ask for some places to stay that night.
Besides, I also looked into my Garmin GPS to find the place. Lucky me, I found the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground. I calle the number on the GPS and the owner answered. Room was available, wifi free, price was ok to me.
Headed to Ashville for some more gas and turned back a bit to the Campground. It was somewhere at the middle of the Blue Rige Parkway.

With my GPS, I can find the place without any difficulties. I saw some bikers just heading out of the campground, some were setting up their tents.
Met the owner, he showed me the cabins:

They looked nice and okay to me.

This was my cabin for that night:

There was nothing inside the cabin except a bed, a small heater and some clothes hangers on the walls.
The area has the free public bathroom and toilet. Had the washing machine, but they need coins to work. 

With my gears still on, I headed out about 5-7 miles for dinner. I had dinner in a Mexican restaurant that night. Food was really great.
Come back and had bath.
After that I brought my laptop to the recreation room (a common room of the campground) to connect to stronger wifi and chit chat with the bikers in there.
Other riders were so supprise that I am all over from Vietnam to there and ride.
Slept not so well that night because the small heater and thin blanket did not help.

Tracklog for the Day 5:


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