[VIE + ENG] ĐỘ BÁNH TRƯỚC 21″ – Woody 21″ front wheel on BMW 1200GSA
6 Tháng Mười, 2011
[ENG] Weekend ride to Vietnam western
28 Tháng Ba, 2013

[ENG] US Fall ride


After a cold night in the cabin of Blue Ridge Campground, wake up with sleepy eyes…

This side of the Campground is cabin area:

This is the office and recreation room:

And here is place for those who have their own tents – the house in the middle of the photo is bathrooms and laundry rooms:

Morning smile for a good day, why not?

I will leave the campground, cross the Blue Ridge Parkway, thru Highlands and toward the South. Destination of the day would be Clayton (GA)

It was wonderful day for ride:

All the road from the beginning of the day are all good.
Stopped beside this lake:

Really calm water, like a mirror:

After that, I had to ride on a very dangerous road, the pavement was not good. The loose little sands on the road surface made me really scare. And the road was almost empty, I could not see any one, bike or car, on the road.

Then I got to the better road:

Looks like the road on Blue Ridge Parkway:

Don’t know the place, but I took the right turn at this cross, well toward the Lake Toxaway:

That’s where I turned into:

That was almost noon time. Arrived Cashiers and had lunch there. There was nice talk with an old man in the Subway. He saw me wearing the Texas T-shirt and was thinking that I rode all the way from Texas. He seemed know very clearly about the Blue Ridge Parkway. He said that there were lots of trees has been killed, by some sorts of insect.

Left Cashiers, heading to the Lake Glenville. I saw on the Google Earth and realized that the road around the lake is very twisty, so I decided to make a circle around the lake.

Really nice lake, which I took some photos the other day:

And of course, the road surrounding the lake also very amazing!

Let’s see this – how to compare with the Dragon?

And this:

For you if you like to check the road out – it’s Norton Road – a very motorcyclish name LOL:

Left the Norton road, saw the Macon County signboard again:

Then I passed the Highlands. It is very nice town. I rode around Highlands and saw quite a lot bikers there:

Dont remember why I did not many photos there. Just remember that I lost my way for a while coz confusing of the roads due to their elevation (from GPS looks different from actual). I passed the Highlands Plaza at least twice LOL…

Toward Franklin:

This was on the way leaving Highlands:

Oh, it’s already Georgia:

And North Carolina was at the back:

I reached to this point:

There was a very nice curve, and I tried to put the bike on the road shoulder for photograph. More than a group of Harley passed by that time. They all slowed down and asked me if I need help. They may think of I was dropping my bike there. 

It’s really nice corner:

Doh, just found a little sign of South Carolina where I “physically” passed thru:

The new tire really helps:

Came down for a while after crossing the South Carolina state border, then I pulled back for a rest before heading to Georgia.

Well, here is where I took a rest:

I would take the Warwoman road to Clayton. It’s nice motorcycle road, not so wide, but just nice and a lot of twisties:

I took the Warwoman road from Pine Mountain to Clayton:

Checked in a hotel which I have booked in Clayton. The lady at the front desk was really nice and helpful, but her accent seemed strange to me. Faster, stronger voice than what I heard in Texas. She let me parked the bike under the shade, and give me a room which windowing the bike. Nice and big Hotel room with heater and nice bath tub.
Don’t remember exactly price, but I think it was $50 or less. Breakfast included.

Took the bike going around Clayton, it’s too small place, and have nothing to see… Had a dinner at a restaurant nearby Hotel.

Well, that’s it for the day 6:

I have one more day left for traveling back to Atlanta.


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