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4 October, 2012

[ENG] Engine oil change for BMW R1200GSA


A must-do-task for your beloved bike is changing engine oil.

There are various recommendations for oil change for your bike:

– Type of oil / Brand of oil (Loại / nhãn hiệu)

– Oil change frequency (tần suất thay dầu)

– Oil change and Oil filter change out (thay dầu và lọc dầu).

OK, let’s go one by one:

Type/Brand of oil

There are several of oil types and brands on the market. Synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral…

In Vietnam we have Motul, Castrol, Liqui Moly are available for big bikes. Motul is too expensive as what I thought. Castrol sounds having not good supply with necessary spec for my GS. Liqui Molly is currently okay for me in terms of both technical needs and pricing. And I have been using Liqui Molly for years, so it’s my choice.

Oil change frequency

Depending on recommendation of the oil maker, it varies from 3,000km to 8 or approx 10,000km.

Liqui Molly was advised to change every 5,000km. However I don’t hesitate to change it in the range of 5 – 6,500km.

Why? BMW 1200GS is known with engine oil lost issue, so that I have to add in about 0.5liter of oil for every  4 – 5,000km. So adding 0.5liter of new oil meaning to add some more km before doing oil change.

Oil filter change frequency

I use OEM BMW Oil filter. I make it simple for myself as changing Oil filter every 2 times of Oil change.

What to do

To prepare necessary tools and materials for the Oil change:

– New oil

– Empty bottle to contain dirty oil

– Torx E10+E8 to disassemble the bottom skid plate (depending on what type of yours, you may need different type or size of tools)

– Torx T50 to open the bottom oil drain bolt

– New drain bolt washer

– Oil filter remover (if replace Oil filter)

– Cleaning rags

How to do?

Uhm, it’s not complicated at all. Quite straight forward.

– Bike is on center stand.

– Remove the bottom skid plate to ensure you can access the bottom oil drain bolt (and oil filter) easily upon your needs

– You should get the bike engine running for at least 15minutes to heat up the oil. It help to remove most of the oil and debris inside the engine.

– Open the oil cap then following the bottom oil drain bolt to discharge oil into the empty bottle. Make sure no oil spill to the floor, and keep your removed bolt with you.

– When you found no more oil running out from the drain, then you can run the engine for about 1 minute to push all the left over oil out. Don’t worry, some minutes won’t damage your engine.

– Replace the drain oil bolt washer by the new one. Put some oil on the washer and clean the drain hole by the rags before tighten the bolt back to the engine.

– Fill the engine with new oil. Normally without oil filter change out, you should fill 3.5 – 3.8 liter of new oil.

– Slowly fill, watch the oil screen, when oil level is around 1/3 of the screen, you should stop for a little while to wait for the oil to settle down. Then fill again until the oil level at middle of the screen.

– Put back oil cap, skid plate and do cleaning around.

– Record the bike ODO and the date of the oil change in your notebook/maintenance record

– Enjoy new oil.



Xem BÀI VIẾT NÀY để tham khảo cách thay lọc nhớt mà không có dụng cụ mở lọc chuyên dụng

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