Sunday biking
17 February, 2017
Another Track day
11 March, 2017

SAnduro 2

Time out

One more weekend experienced with Sand riding in Vietnam desert. Another great ride, even though painful 🙂

Wrap up everything for weekend for a Saturday and ready for the night trip to desert.

Buddies came, all loaded up:

Full loaded…

Drove for appox an hour we found this:

Oh My Fooooooood…..

My friend found his cousin 🙂

In case you need the address:

Still long way ahead:

Get ready for the day:

Gears up

Unloading the bikes while waiting for the breakfast:

And did a little of warming up:

Finally breakfast came:

Still have time for some coffee:

Time to get on the bike:

Soooo… excited….

A real warm-up at the entrance 😀

Then I found something wrong with my bike, left the group to head back to the base:

So freaken hot:

On the beach:

The bike needs a rest, even though I did not want so:

Now, I am tired, really tired!

Bike couldn’t start so I need a tow truck 🙂

My saver 🙂

Just some miles to the base:

What a ride!

Exhausted after pushing the bike to the garage:

Look at this, I destroyed my boots:

The ride was over, time for food and journey back home:

We’ll come back soon, sand dunes 🙂


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