GSA Fuel pump flange leakage fix
7 August, 2017
SANDuro 3
4 September, 2017

Weekend fun, father and son

We need a trip to say farewell to summer holiday, and this is the one.

Just a weekend blast, not a big trip or very aggressive ride, just a little of everything, speed, dirt, mud, water, sand…









After rain, water is everywhere:











After rain, not so easy to find a dry spot to take a rest. And we both have great feeling relax at the middle of nowhere:







Do you want to go to this place? So quiet, cool, green and relaxing…




Struggling with a sharp turn:



We got some open areas:




Someone had fun playing with tiny jumps:





Reached a heaven gate:




It’s time for the Orange to pose some pix:










Time to be back with real good feeling:



Promising for a next ride in near future:




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