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5 December, 2020
2021 - Trio-Sanduro
3 April, 2021

Sanduro ride - closing Covid year 2020

It was really a tough year, we have months as a gap between the rides. Quick one, with two peeps from Saigon and the other two in Muine, and off we go.

We need to pass the steep hill affront:

Top of the first hill of the day:

Another steep hill, this was the toughest one of the day:

Managed to climb to the top:

It’s cool up there:

Went down to try the third hill of the day:

It was not a good one

He successfully climbed to the top after 3rd attempt.

Second dude with 2T KTM, the same story, he gotta come back down:

My turn:



My 2nd attempt worked:

Look at the steep angle and how deep the fine sand is, super-fine sand, just like powder:

Tired but happy lads:

A bloody large mine just beside, soooo deep, so dangerous:

Went around exiting the mine area:

We took some more track ride before going for lunch:

Just realized it’s time for a new pair of boots:

After lunch session:

End of day, we all come back with happy faces:

Closed out for 2020 minimum number of rides 🙂


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