26 May, 2017

Green and Dirt

Raining season starts, it’s time to go into green and play some dirt. This is our familiar place, not too far from City center, not too […]
9 May, 2017

Summer first track-day

Summer is just outside of the door, time to start warming up… We went to the track to do so-called breaking in all our new bikes […]
11 March, 2017

Another Track day

Our familiar Vuon Xoai track has been moved and still at the middle of upgrading process at a very nearby location. It was just another Sunday […]
11 March, 2017

SAnduro 2

One more weekend experienced with Sand riding in Vietnam desert. Another great ride, even though painful 🙂 Wrap up everything for weekend for a Saturday and […]
17 February, 2017

Sunday biking

In another sunny Sunday, me and my son were cycling around Saigon suburban. We started the day with some homemade noodle: Very soon after the breakfast […]
21 November, 2016

DALAT for a Weekend

Weekend wandering highland with ACE MTSG buddies. Road to highland in early sunlight: Stopped for a while beside a hydro power-plant lake: Almost reaching Dalat, we […]